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  • LARGE was awarded the prize of 2013 Dongguan Annual Top Ten growth enterprises
    Release time£º6-5-2014 11:09:49 AM¡¡Source£ºYangzhou Large Clicks£º

    In January 18, 2014, Dongguan Economic Annual Meeting, Theme of ¡°Growth of Dongguan in a new pattern of reform and opening up ", organized by "Dongguan Economy" magazine, Dongguan Times, ended in International Ballroom of Hongyuan Hotel, in addition, LARGE was awarded the prize of "2013 Annual Top Ten growth enterprises in Dongguan".
    Selected reasons: A small team only with a few thousands Yuan of assets finally became a national High-Tech Enterprise with hundreds of millions of operating income, based on advanced manufacturing platform, leading technology platform, comprehensive integrated marketing network, and the corporation with domestic and foreign advanced enterprises, has realized rapid economic growth at the rapid of about 30% more than annual growth rate, and become One of the important domestic customized lithium schemes and products provider.

    2013 annual awards ceremony of Economic Annual Meeting in Dongguan (Third from right: Qinxi Sheng, Deputy General Manager)

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