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  • LARGE as guest, spoke in Technology Awards Conference of Southern District of Dongguan City
    Release time:6-5-2014 11:34:21 AM Source:Yangzhou Large Clicks:

    Jan. 16, 2012 Technology Awards Conference, organized by the offices of Southern District of Dongguan City, was held in the hall of District office, about 600 staff from Government administrations, CAST organization, related business executives and media, attended this Conference, in addition, Zhu Yun, General manager of LARGE, as an only Business representative, spoke.
    Based on the policy and support of ‘Science and technology enterprises’, LARGE moved to Goldman Sachs Technology Park, starting the transition from private manufacturing enterprises to technology companies, achieved operating income of 160 million Yuan in 2012, compared with before, and achieve a growth of more than twice the size of moving into the Technology Park in 3-year, becoming a famous Domestic industrial moving and back-up power Manufacturer.
       The success of transition is related closely with the Platform of Goldman Sachs Technology Park, and technology policy support of District Government, in the recent 3-year, LARGE has achieved the title of Provincial, Municipal private technology enterprises, National high-tech enterprises, Patent cultivating enterprise, and gained Preferential Policies of Technology incentives, tax breaks, Park rent subsidies.

    The fact that LARGE, as an only Business representative, would speak in this conference reflected the transition is successful, after moving into the Technology Park, leaders of City and District levels have inspected LARGE for many times, and carried out corporation with some research institutions and companies, LARGE has being becoming an Star Enterprise in the industry by the reports of media. All this things reflect the truth that Zhu Yun explained in his statement: Science and Technology is an inevitable road for the development of company.

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