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  • LARGE was awarded the title of Dongguan advanced enterprise CAST
    Release time:6-5-2014 11:36:03 AM Source:Yangzhou Large Clicks:

    under the correct leadership of the company, CAST organization made a great contribution. CAST organization includes Full-time (part-time) staff, 62 CAST members. All CAST members Commits to technological innovation, Loves inventions, organizes Science and technology research actively, and carries out research activities. In addition, CAST organization established work norms, built academic platform, and made a great contribution to scientific research and popularization. In order to identify and build research-oriented enterprise, LARGE introduces a group of outstanding scientific and technological personnel.
    At the same time, CAST organization actively carries out foreign academic exchanges, takes part in Cooperation and exchange seminar and future Information Technology and Management Conference in south District, Dongguan City, and becomes a industry leader by corporation with same industry.
    Since its establishment in November 29, 2011, CAST organization was recognized by responsible persons, and local CAST competent authority with the title of Dongguan "advanced enterprise CAST".
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