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  • Our company took part in the tree planting activity in Dongguan Cyber City
    Release time£º6-5-2014 11:39:16 AM¡¡Source£ºYangzhou Large Clicks£º
    March 12th is Arbor Day in China, as one of the first batch enterprises settled in Dongguan City Cyber, LARGE (hereinafter referred to as ¡®our company¡¯) participated in the tree planting activity organized by the cyber city.
        The theme of Arbor Day this year is: to conduct afforestation in-depth, to promote the ecological civilization. Considering its actual conditions, Dongguan Cyber City started series of activities of ¡®ecological gardens trip¡¯ in Arbor Day, the commonweal tree planting themed by ¡®ecological garden, green living¡¯  and park enterprises adopted saplings, hereby preluded this annual activity.
        More than 130 entrepreneurs and staffs from the first batch of more than 50 enterprises settled in the park participated in tree planting activities, our company sent an afforestation ¡®troop¡¯ of 12 people wearing the same uniforms, they presented at the scene of tree planting activity and added the bright color for this activity.
    This activity not only made our employees planting trees experience the team spirit of collective spirit, but also is a zero distant contact with other enterprises settled in the park, which broke the situation of seclusion among the enterprises in the science park.
        It is said that the Tianan Cyber Park opened up a meadow as the tree planting adoption area in the ecological wetland area, the resident enterprises can plant trees here as the testimony of the growth of enterprises and the park, this adoption area is named ¡®technical innovation circles¡¯.
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