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  • Dai Youyuan, Deputy Secretary-General of Tsinghua University, inspected LARGE
    Release time£º6-5-2014 11:45:42 AM¡¡Source£ºYangzhou Large Clicks£º

    In the morning of June 11, accompanied by General Manager Mr. Zhu Yun, Dai Youyuan, Deputy Secretary-General of Tsinghua University, president of Tsinghua Industrial Development Institute in Beijing, inspected LARGE, and affirmed achievements over years, and the successful Development mode of transformation and upgrading, proposing valuable guidance for the future development.
    Dai Youyuan is professor and doctoral tutor of Tsinghua University, Deputy Secretary of Tsinghua University, president of Tsinghua Industrial Development Institute in Beijing, Director of Institute of Applied Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, Director of State Key Laboratory of Chemical Engineering, Industrial Technology Research Institute of Tsinghua University led by him has become a Business-oriented, market-oriented Public Service Platform. Over the years, the Institute by promoting the integration of resources, formed a large central courtyard development model, and screening technology, integrated technology, business technology, improve technology, and vigorously promoted the formation of the domestic high-tech industry clusters.

    Dai Youyuan, Deputy Secretary of Tsinghua University (First from Left)

    Dai Youyuan visited company¡¯s Research and development center, testing center, and product trial production center, e-commerce center and other main work areas, and affirmed advanced and complete production facilities and strong scientific research force. During the visiting, General Manager Zhu Yun introduced the current development state and the future development direction to Dai Youyuan, and Dai Youyuan affirmed the reasonable model of development, and the practice of pushing into e-commerce. In terms of Status of lacking of standards in Mobile Power Industry, Dai Youyuan hoped that LARGR would corporate with domestic battery manufacturers to develop a more complete national science standards for mobile power, and promoted healthy development of mobile power industry.

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