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  • Alkaline battery (alkaline zinc MN battery) in structure Shang used and General zinc MN battery instead of electrode structure, used high conductive sex of alkaline electrolytic liquid, plus or minus very used high performance electrode material, so, alkali MN battery of capacity and discharge time is equal models General battery of 3~7 times, cryogenic performance both gap more big, alkali MN battery cryogenic performance better, and more for big current discharge and discharge time more long of electricity occasions.
    Conceptual Chemistry: alkaline zinc manganese batteries using manganese dioxide as cathode material, zinc ointment for cathode material, potassium hydroxide as the electrolyte.High frequency large current discharge, alkaline batteries more durable than carbon-zinc batteries.
    Features: high current discharge for a long time, has a long shelf life, high capacity, high energy density, low on-resistance, leak-proof performance, short circuit-proof structural design, such as lead and mercury free, cadmium free.
    Applications: electronic thermometer, digital blood pressure monitor, blood oxygen apparatus, intelligent alarms, electronic locks, safes, air purifiers, voice recorder, and so on.
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