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  • 3V lithium-manganese batteries (lithium-manganese dioxide button battery, CR series) 3 looks like buttons on one side and positive on one side is the cathode, anode material for lithium-ion, cathode active substance is MnO2, separated by a septum in the Middle, and reaction principle is: Li+MnO2=LiMnO2.
    Lithium-manganese batteries with nominal voltage of 3.0V and termination voltage 2.0V typical operating current at 0.1~0.2mA.Lithium-manganese batteries with high voltage, no pollution, long storage life and so on, are widely used in computer motherboards, super thin remote control, tire pressure monitoring system, electronic tuner, electronic thermometers, scales, and so on.
    Lithium manganese dioxide battery not charging or short circuit not heating, keep batteries insulated when inventory and abandoned, if they come into contact with other objects, make not explode or fail.
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